Meet Surbhi – a Badass female entrepreneur, taking marketing to next level with Creativity

Marketing is about showing off the goodness of a brand  in process to increase visibility to attract more leads toward the business. This process requires a lot of creativity & innovation. After realising this fact, creative mind of Chandigarh based Surbhi strikes hard resulting into two of her ventures : Mad Skull which works for Photography, Event Managements & Video Ads while Socialenza works in Digital marketing & Graphic Designing segment.

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With the vision to bring more creativity in marketing, Miss. Surbhi believes, its still tough to work in a male dominating society after so much awareness & initiatives for women empowerment but it’s not impossible to achieve if worked passionately without quitting before you achieve your goal. Here is a conversation with Surbhi regarding her career, goal & journey so far :
Q. How will you Introduce Yourself to the world ?
Surbhi: I am a bad-ass woman entrepreneur working towards bringing positive changes in our society. Having multi-disciplinary skills & never quitting attitude, I am quite sure to achieve my goal in coming days.
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Q. Tell your readers about your achievements till today (Be Honest)!
Surbhi: I am a maths graduate from Delhi University, then competed M.Sc in Design from Punjab University. Due to my love for design & being creative I did animation & VFX course also from Arena Animation. Later on, I have completed an MBA in HR & Digital Marketing from Amity University, Noida.

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I have achieved something in life but many things are yet to come, this is not the end. The biggest pleasure is starting my business with zero investment & now getting good number of happy clients – a big achievement for early stage entrepreneurs.

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Q. What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? 

Surbhi: Marketing is most important concern of any businesses & it needs to be revamped. I believe its a job for creative persons, a lot of opportunities to be unleashed here. 
I am working in this segment through two of my ventures i.e. Mad Skull & SocialenzaMad Skull works for Photography, Event Managements & Video Ads while Socialenza works in Digital marketing & Graphic Designing segment.
Q. What’s your take on your segmented/targeted Market ?
Surbhi: Marketing is a never ending & most dynamic segment of industry. We are working in B2B segment and potential is immense here. Working in this segment, one needs to be on his/her toe – continuous learning & updating yourself should be part of your daily life.
Q. What are the challenges you have faced and what are the current challenges ? Mention top three challenges for both.
Surbhi: I have started my venture with zero investment so earlier I faced a lot of challenges including :

  • Creating a team & office space without funds – impossible
  • Getting work on time with small team – tiresome job
  • With no recognition in the market, we need to offer our services at cheaper rate – loss in revenue

But we have overcome early challenges so far and getting good volume of work in return of our good work. 

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Q. Why you have started up ? Be specific with your reasons !
 Surbhi: If you feel, there is something inside you to bring change to a lot of people’s life, you should believe yourself & start working for it. Same thing happened with me, I want to inspire all women around the globe to come forward and take a lead to fulfil your dream. With my good work, I wish my parents will feel proud on me and I will achieve my dream.
Q. Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years ? 
Surbhi: In next 5 years, I want to see myself in a league of other successful entrepreneurs. We are working more closely to many big brands & wish to work with 1000 more unique brands in next 5 years.
Q. Please share your learning for fellow Entrepreneurs ? 
Surbhi: You will have to face many challenges on your way, but standing above those challenges will make you stand above all. 
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