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Entrepreneurship is all about solving problems and providing an effective yet affordable solution. In our journey to meet new entrepreneurs and learn about their journey, we came across Maclato Media. 

 Meet Vishavjit, the founder of Maclato Media whose aim is to provide a 360-degree digital solution to the potential market. We discussed his journey in this industry, his learning, and his challenges throughout his journey. And brought it here for new start-ups to get-inspired and learned.

 Check out his interesting interview below-

How will you introduce yourself to the world? 
Hello, I’m Vishavjit, and I would like to introduce myself as an enthusiastic learner and a passionate entrepreneur. I have always been learning new things in life at every phase, and I’m still learning something or the other every day. I have always been passionate about my business, and therefore I was able to come this far with my entrepreneurial skills.
 Tell your readers about your achievements till today (Be Honest)!! 
I consider this as my biggest achievement till now that it’s been a three years journey since I put my ideas into reality as my start-up. I am happy to make great efforts to make my company reach where it is today.
 We have achieved many milestones in the journey, including more than 50 million app downloads for the biggest media company amazon prime, top telecom industry airtel and great gaming company 2048 games. We have also developed more than 50 apps on our journey until now. 
 Tell us about your start-up! 
Our start-up is all about solving the problems faced by the people of Tier 2 cities. We aim to provide these services at doorstep through our 360-degree digital solutions at affordable prices. For example, cab services are not available in many places. Through our platform, we want services like these to reach out to all the distant places and all the people staying there.
“What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? 
The most important thing we are working on is Vishkaro. Vishkaro is a platform where retail users can reach to direct manufacturing. We are making this to make it easy for any retail user to reach to the manufacturers and to avoid all those time-consuming activities. 
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What’s your take on your segmented/targeted Market?
Many businesses and different entities are out there who still lack the knowledge of the digital world. They are unaware of the wonders that the internet can do for them. Our targeted market is those businesses and different entities who need to understand the power of the internet. We want all of them to adapt to the digital era and get dynamic with the online market environment. 
What are the challenges you have faced and what are the current challenges? 
We have faced many different challenges during our journey, but some of the major ones include

  1. It is difficult to make people understand our platform.
  2. Finding the right way to reach out to the users.
  3. Segmenting the right audience for our company.

Why have you started up? Be specific with your reasons!! 
Well, the major reason why we have started up is that we wanted to give solutions to people who need it and make them grow while we will be growing too. Therefore we want to get to the potential market.

 Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years? 
I see myself being the self-motivated leader of full potential and successful team. And we will aim to build solutions for the people who are in need by providing 360-degree digital solutions.  

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Please share your learning for fellow Entrepreneurs? 
As per my journey of the last three years, I have learned that when you get into this field and run your own business, there are not going to be eight or 10-hour work per day. You work anytime and till then when you’re done with the work you need to do for the day because no one is going to be as dedicated to the business as you. We should get this in mind that mistakes are part of the business. We should learn from them and avoid making those mistakes again.
Right now Vishavjit is looking  for investment for his business to grow and reach new levels of success. We wish him and his  company all the best for future. If you want to get your interview published on our website, click on this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScOUA13LkN042RrRgfnaWz1OBIgXCgocQJIKn-VpKnvmUXPXg/viewform

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