Free HR Documents | Most important HR documents | Offer Letter Format | Appointment Letter Format

Free HR Documents | Most important HR documents | Offer Letter Format | Appointment Letter Format

Entrepreneurship is as difficult as it can be. Even though you have set up your core team and divided the responsibility, there are a lot of things yet to set out in order. Here at Entrepreneur Bus, we pledge to provide guidance and free tools you need to set up an office/department to ease your Entrepreneurial journey.

The human resource department is the gateway in any organization hence requires a lot of documentation. Either you are hiring an employee or saying goodbye to an existing one there are multiple paper formalities that need to be done. We understand the struggle and to ease that we are providing free templates of the most important documents the human resources department needs frequently.

Offer Letter– On every new hire, the HR department needs a properly typed offer letter to give it to the newly hired employee. It contains the verbal agreement you had after the interview. It is one of the most important HR documents. You can download a sample of an offer letter for free.

Download free template of an Offer letter

Letter of appointment– Once an employee goes through all the formalities such as background check, submitting required documents from previous employment etc, a letter of appointment should be issued with the date of joining as a proof of their employment with the company. You can download a free sample of appointment letter here.

Download free template of appointment

Appraisal letter– Appraisal letter is something you need more than once, yearly for some, and multiple times in a year too for very few candidates. Here is a free sample of the appraisal letter you can download.

Relieving letter– Relieving letter is given to the candidate at the time of relieving them from their responsibilities and services from the company. You can download a sample of relieving letter for free.

Download a free sample of relieving letter

Experience Letter– One of the most crucial documents an employee needs from the former organization. It consists of a formal statement from the organization approving that the individual had worked with the company.

Download a free sample of experience letter

Freelancer contract– Although a freelancer contract is something a lawyer should write but sometimes HR needs to prepare to save the time of the legal department. A freelance contract is just like a non-disclosure agreement between two parties consisting of responsibilities and limits of both parties.

We provide customized copies of all templates of basic required documents for the HR team with logo and watermarks. Contact:

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