John Molson MBA International Case Competition

The John Molson MBA International Case Competition is a not-for-profit event organized by a team of MBA students from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. The competition is open to top business schools worldwide and is recognized as the largest case competition of its kind. Its main purpose is to bridge the gap between corporate and academic worlds, which ultimately enriches both students and executives alike.
As a non-profit student-run organization, we depend on the support of our donors to ensure the continued success of this world-class event.


The John Molson MBA International Case Competition (the “Competition”) is organized by a team of MBA students from the John Molson School of Business (the “Organizers”) with the support of student volunteers and a Board of Directors which includes many senior executives from the Montreal business community.
The competition is open to graduate schools offering an MBA or equivalent program deemed acceptable by the Board of Directors.
A student who is registered in at least one course in such a program at his/her school in the fall semester immediately preceding the Competition and who has not previously competed in any John Molson MBA International Case Competition is eligible to participate in the Competition.
Each school must be represented by four students and at least one coach. A student alternate may be included as a fifth member of the team at the discretion of the school. The alternate may only participate in his/her school in extenuating circumstances and with the approval of the organizers.
If an alternate steps in, the outgoing participant cannot return for the same case. An alternate who competes for his/her school will not be eligible to participate in future competitions. In the event there is an odd number of schools registered for the competition, a team designated as Team Global will be constituted with four of the alternates who volunteer to do so.

If possible, a member of the Team Global will be from a school-based outside North America, with the others from American and Canadian schools. A member of Team Global may rejoin his/her team at any time during the competition if circumstances make this necessary.
If a team, including Team Global, does not have enough members to compete or is unable to participate for any reason deemed acceptable by the organizers, an alternate will be asked to join the team for as long as it is necessary for the competition.
Alternates will be asked to volunteer during registration and will be selected at random from the pool of willing alternates if a team global or alternate is needed.
An alternate who participates with a team other than his/her school will be eligible to participate in future competitions.
The cases used in the Competition will, to the best of the Organizers’ knowledge, be unpublished and untested. All cases will be selected from submissions made to an annual international case writing competition arranged by the Organizers.   
The 36 teams will be assigned to six divisions. Divisions will be established by a random draw. Each division will have at least two non-North American schools. Non-North American schools will be assigned to divisions first, followed by the American schools and then the Canadian schools.
Each team will compete for one on one in the five cases during the round-robin phase of the Competition against the other teams in their division, as scheduled by the Organizers.
The divisional winners will be the team with the highest number of wins in their division. Nine teams, comprised of the six division winners and the three wildcards (those with the highest match point accumulation during the round-robin phase), will advance to the semi-finals. 
In the unlikely event that a non-qualifying team has a higher number of wins than one of the wildcard winners, the non-qualifying team will be awarded a wildcard, replacing the wildcard team with the lowest number of match points. Please refer to the section on Scoring.

Previous Year’s Winners

The competition officially ended on Friday, Jan 11, 2019, with the Final Banquet ceremony held at the Bonaventure Hotel. The John Molson MBA ICC Team thanked everyone who was involved in the 38th annual International Case Competition and specially congratulated Nanyang Business School, Singapore, for winning the first-place prize of $10,000 at this event.
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