Loosing job in Corona Crises can be an Opportunity to start Entrepreneurial Journey

In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity – Albert Einstein

How true is that, can you relate with it? There is a seed of equal or bigger opportunities during every difficulty. And this is the time when we all are suffering through the Corona crises, and many-many companies are on the verge of shut down or working to downsize their business which is directly affecting jobs.
Your ambitions can only take you to the entrepreneurship journey, but simultaneously you need to evaluate your performance. If your ambitions will overtake your performance the gap will lead you to frustrations, but when your performance overtakes ambitions you will achieve success.
I am not a stranger to the world of unemployment, as went through a hard time during my life. I remember that I was also panicked and faced difficulties. But thankfully within a few weeks, I got an offer from a large manufacturing company. What do you think; it was because I was smart? Far from it

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It was because of two reasons, Firstly my positive approach and secondly positive market situation. Whereas today the market is not favorable for job seekers, and even those who are getting employment need to settle for less.

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Being deeply involved and worked closely with budding entrepreneurs for the last many years, I can mention that I have never experienced such a positive environment to be an entrepreneur, as it is now because of various reasons.


Great Crisis Creates Great Leaders.

These 7 points will help you to take bold and one of the important decisions:

1.   Analyze your expertise and plan business strategy

Permit yourself to explore and analyze your expertise. You are exceptional in certain areas, but you need to see inside willingly and listen to your intuition. Writing your goals, strategies, and actions will help you gain clarity and confidence.

2.   Take a stand for yourself and identify what is right

As a budding entrepreneur, your personal and business life may get interconnected. Possibly, you are likely to be your first investor. Take a stand and evaluate the concept that interests you. Once you identify what is right, emulate it.

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3.   Expect a big outcome and move quickly with integrity

Can you solve a common problem, if you help millions, you can make millions! Expect big by working local, but thinking global. What you need to do is act quickly with honesty and integrity, because if you snooze, you lose.

4.   Choose the best partner and appoint a dedicated team

After you make an internal commitment to your business, you need to be attentive while choosing partners. Your partners can make it or break it. Appointment of the brilliant minded team is equally important to create a culture of growth.

5.   Get the word out with full conviction and courage

Be courageous to shout out of who you are and what you are doing, full of conviction. Embrace and utilize Social media to broadcast your news. Don’t underestimate the power of other methods to get the word out.

6.   Develop leadership skills to influence people  

Did you heard, leadership skills are not innate, and it can be taught. You need to get mentored to develop yourself into a magnetic personality. You should be able to influence people by expressing emotions and handling interpersonal relationships judiciously and em-pathetically.

7.   Create a silicon valley inside your mind and heart

You can make another Silicon Valley around your location. Just discover a suitable affordable space where the basic needs of tech entrepreneurs can be within quick reach. The tech hub should be away from the busy, crowded downtown city area.  
There’s a question to job seekers, “What is that obstacle, which is stopping you to start something of your own.” Possibly you would have so many excuses not to start it, but believe me, you need only one strong reason to do it. Think at least seriously and write down all the pros and cons, which could shift your mindset to transform into an employer from the employee.

Either you can make excuses or success, but not both. The choice is yours.

                          (Quote from the book – From Dreaming to Achieving, in LIFE – Chapter 1/Page 39)       

Stop making excuses because no one wants to know your reason for not being successful, there are hundreds of people who did it in the same circumstances. Now it is your time to prove it.

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If you consider all these steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming your own boss. It’s important to remember that every big business was started small and you are not alone. I hope that by now you have come to the conclusion that, no matter what the motivation is to be your own boss, you can start it today. My wishes are always with you.

Looking forward to hearing your views and experiences. Let’s walk along!

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