Collision from home – Join this event at home to make this quarantine productive

Collision from Home brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. Think of it like working from home: join this event online from wherever you are in the world.
Due to the current situation caused by a coronavirus, the Collision event is going to be affected. Collision 2020, June 22-25, will still happen for our 30,000 attendees but it will happen online.
Collision from home became a possibility because of their 50 engineers, designers and product managers have made a lot of progress in the half-decade since, and we can’t wait for what we’re calling Collision from Home.
First, they’ll miss hosting attendees from almost every country in the world in magical Toronto, but they’ll be back in offline mode in the city next June 21-24, 2021.
For now, given the evolving nature of COVID-19, they think gathering tens of thousands of people from almost every country in the world in one place this June would be irresponsible. Toronto has not suffered a significant COVID-19 outbreak, and at Collision, they want to ensure that remains the case.
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Second, while Collision will still take place online, as Collision from Home, all their attendees will still get full transfers of their tickets to Collision 2021. Alternatively, attendees can request a full refund on their tickets from today or up to 30 days after attending Collision from Home online.
In other words, there is no risk of attending Collision from Home. They think you’ll be pleasantly surprised – if not, they can apply for a full refund. If you have purchased a ticket for Collision 2020 and would like a refund, you can apply here.
Third, it was their attendees who started to discover the potential for what might be called Conferencing from Home, when some could not attend in the past.
What is Collision from home?
Times may be uncertain, but one thing remains true. There’s a simple power in people coming together. That’s why they’re launching Collision from Home.
Collision from Home attendees will participate from wherever they are in the world, live streaming talks from tech CEOs, international policymakers and global cultural figures. They’ll chat and connect through the bespoke Collision from Home app and they’ll engage with some of the world’s most influential companies and fastest-growing startups.
Sometimes incredible things happen when they get together – whether it’s online or off.

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Why Collision from home?
For a company that organises conferences, they’re a little different. They’ve built our software over many years, which drives all our events. Attendees have networked, connected and chatted using our apps, as well as watched all our talks live online. Some who last minute couldn’t attend in person have experienced their conferences using this software.
Though the software was originally built to enhance attendees’ offline experience, they believe they can develop it to a point where they can host Collision 2020 online.
They’re true believers in the magic of real-world meetings. They also think they can bring some of that magic online. Every entrepreneur around the world has an amazing opportunity to make use of this quarantine. 
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