Winner Gets $1,000,000 at South Summit Start-up Competition 2020

South Summit Start-up competition has become a benchmark for Innovation, which brings together the 100 most innovative start-ups. South Summit is undoubtedly a seal of quality recognizable by every agent associated with the entrepreneurial environment. Our finalists in previous editions have raised around 3B$ and have a 95% survival rate.
South Summit Competition brings together the foremost innovative start-ups regardless of their industry, development stage and country. The best promising ideas and teams are going to get found during this edition’s pitching session. Check-in and participate. Prove that you can be one among them.
South Summit is the leading innovation platform that connects the foremost disruptive start-ups with worldwide investors and corporations seeking to enhance their global competitiveness through innovation. South Summit is going to happen on 6-8 October 2020 in Madrid (Spain), and South Summit CDMX is going to happen on May 20th, 2020, in Mexico City (Mexico).
Location: Madrid, Spain and Mexico City, Mexico.
Date: TBD, usually happening in October and December
Cost: Prices range from €80-€790, counting on sorts of ticket and areas of access.
Industry focus: Broad.
The amount you’ll win: $1,000,000 in funding at Silicon Valley. All 100 finalists get South Summit tickets and one-on-one meetings with investors.
If you think your start-up is one of the world’s 100 most innovative start-ups, then South Summit Start-up competition will give you the prospect and the tools to prove it. It is happening in Madrid and Mexico, and with almost half of the projects having a Spanish origin, South Summit may be an excellent spot for all entrepreneurial voices to be heard.
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