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Slush is the world’s leading start-up and tech event. Slush facilitates meetings between the founders of start-ups and investors like venture capitalists, accomplished with events like matchmaking and pitching competitions. Slush aims to create a worldwide start-up community. Slush events happen all around the globe and range from intimate, local gatherings to our flagship, 25,000-strong event in Helsinki. No matter what the size is, our events remain true to Slush’s mission that is connecting a subsequent generation of entrepreneurs with what and with whom they should.
Around the world, movements that want to drive entrepreneurship and empower the upcoming generation can start under the Slush name. Sometimes these movements continue to grow from quirks and sparks to wildfires. Sometimes they modify the shape and take a special form or brand. Currently, Slush events and communities have been started, in addition to Helsinki and Shanghai, in Tokyo, Singapore, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, New York, Trondheim, and  40 more cities.
Slush is going to happen on the 19th & 20th of November 2020 at Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki (Finland). Slush has a big community with enthusiastic entrepreneur-minded people and a good atmosphere. This is the cool kids’ table or tables, as long as Slush events happen in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, and Helsinki, where the festival/conference first started. Slush is all about community building and facilitating founder and investor meetings, accompanied by successful entrepreneurs like Nokia’s Risto Siilasmaa.

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Key Information
Location: There are four Slush events happening throughout the year in Helsinki, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore.
Date: February 22-23 (Tokyo), September 7-8 (Shanghai), September 14 (Singapore), December (Helsinki).
Cost: Free.
Industry focus: Tech.
The amount you can win: There’s no monetary prize, but you’ll cash in of the Slush community; get speed mentoring and resources.
Slush Small Talks are intimate get-together meetings that bring the local entrepreneurial communities together around some specific topics. Previously we’ve thrown Small Talks in Paris to urge start-ups, and corporations as a debate. AI gathered the gaming industry together in Berlin and discussed growth in Hyderabad. 
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