Startup Competition- Participate in one of the largest startup competitions in Asia

Start-up wheel competition 2020 Startup Wheel is a 6-month startup competition, run from March to August annually for startups and young entrepreneurs all around the world. First launched by Business Startup Support Centre (BSSC) and Young Business People Association (YBA), Startup Wheel is now the largest and most prestigious annual startup competition in Vietnam for … Read more

ixamBee – Aiming towards providing quality online education to every student

Getting quality education is a big problem in a country like India. Many students are willing to pay for a better education but are not able to get that quality. The Internet has become a part of our life, so there is lies a big opportunity for providing education online.  Grabbing on to this opportunity, … Read more

Winner Gets $1,000,000 at South Summit Start-up Competition 2020

South Summit Start-up competition has become a benchmark for Innovation, which brings together the 100 most innovative start-ups. South Summit is undoubtedly a seal of quality recognizable by every agent associated with the entrepreneurial environment. Our finalists in previous editions have raised around 3B$ and have a 95% survival rate. South Summit Competition brings together … Read more

Start con startup pitch competition 2020 for 1 million dollar

If you are feeling hopeless about your creative startup then “Pitch for $1 Million” is here to rebuke your belief. It involves quality start-up pitch competitions Start-Con unites the whole corporate ecosystem as it organizes the largest gathering of start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, media and company innovation teams in Australia. Register to participate in the virtual pitch round. To participate in this competition, record your 5minute … Read more

Don't miss this opportunity to boost up your startup with "Slush Start-up Competition"

Slush is the world’s leading start-up and tech event. Slush facilitates meetings between the founders of start-ups and investors like venture capitalists, accomplished with events like matchmaking and pitching competitions. Slush aims to create a worldwide start-up community. Slush events happen all around the globe and range from intimate, local gatherings to our flagship, 25,000-strong event in Helsinki. No matter what the size is, our events … Read more

Netilly – Exploting the opportunity that relies in the growing digital marketing industry

The digital marketing industry is growing at the fastest pace ever since a few years and has crossed the mark of 100 billion. Everyone is opting for digital services to spark up their businesses in the market. One of the entrepreneurs to grab on this opportunity is Kuldeep Kaul, the founder of Netilly. Netilly is … Read more

Start-ups for an on-stage live battle Web Summit PITCH 2020

PITCH is an event where hospitable start-ups exhibit at Web Summit. The businesses that have received under €3 million in funding so far and haven’t had a discernible change in business model within the previous three years can participate in this event.  PITCH is that start-up competition at Web Summit that brings together the world’s leading early-stage start-ups for a … Read more