How covid-19 is shaping digital transformation for businesses?

How covid-19 is shaping digital transformation?

How covid-19 is shaping digital transformation? In recent weeks, people have been encouraged to work from home, schools and universities are taking courses online, doctors and patients are turning to telemedicine, and politicians are attending virtual summits.  Looking ahead, demand for skilled workers will increase with wages as digital and online work becomes the new … Read more

Why Content Marketing is Important for Your Online Business?

Why Content Marketing is Important for Your Online Business

Why Content Marketing is Important for Your Online Business? Do you understand why content marketing is so important for your website? So it’s just a form of written content you create and share with your readers, that provides value to them but isn’t promotional. Why is that important to your business, though? Content marketing is … Read more

Delhi Govt. Launched E-Vehicle Subsidized Policy 2020

Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the policy at a digital briefing on Friday. The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy, which includes registration fees and vehicle tax, provides for a 1,000 crore subsidy for electric vehicles in the city, which was introduced today (Friday) by the Delhi Government and the New Delhi State Government. Announcing the … Read more

How To Save Your Business In Covid19 Lockdown?

How To Save Your Business In Covid19 Lockdown

How To Save Your Business In Covid19 Lockdown? Lockdown has been extended in India due to Covid-19. Corporations, restaurants, bars, shops, schools, gyms and all other businesses will remain closed, and citizens have to stay at home to prevent spreading this respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus, CoVid19. Scientists & researchers are on the … Read more

Startup Competition – Sevenventure startup competition offers an amazing opportunity to win advertising budget and great exposure

SevenVentures startup competition was born in 2009. As part of digitization, many new business models lacked capital. This is where the SevenVentures team comes in: A flexible investment model consisting of minority shareholdings and media cooperations should offer young companies the support they need. In return for individual capital (media for equity) or revenue sharing … Read more – Bridging the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and established entrepreneurs through podcasting

There are a large number of entrepreneurs who have a dream to achieve big success milestones in the future but due to lack of experience, it gets hard for them to find ways to grow in the market. Mr. Akshay Datt stepped up to solve this problem. Mr. Akshay Datt is the founder of ThePodium, … Read more

Startup Stories- Introducing Tres'chic Academe, Empowering Women From All Walks Of Life

One more addition to our startup stories is Tres’chic Academe , a premium etiquette & image consultancy company, that contours and customizes topics of training based on individual requirements. Their programs help one maximize potential by helping overcome perceived shortcomings, thereby instilling confidence and increasing the rate of success.   Tres’chic Academe professionals and experts … Read more

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