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Getting quality education is a big problem in a country like India. Many students are willing to pay for a better education but are not able to get that quality. The Internet has become a part of our life, so there is lies a big opportunity for providing education online. 
Grabbing on to this opportunity, Mr. Chandraprakash Joshi, the founder of ixamBee, has started up to give quality education online. They aim to reach the potential market and provide online education to everyone who needs it. 
We had an interesting interview with him, discussing his challenges, achievements, and much more. Check out the full interview below:
How will you Introduce Yourself to the world? 
I am working on making online quality education accessible to millions of students. After working extensively in business development, operations management, product & process streamlining, and scale-up & team building, now I am developing learning modules customized to specific requirements of the user. The aim is to ignite the human potential who otherwise lack access to quality education. 
Tell your readers about your achievements till today (Be Honest)!! 
I have a strong experience in entrepreneurship while working with YES Bank. I have developed a business of Rs.500 Cr (portfolio) from scratch and reached to more than 3 lakh rural customers by making a team of 75 professionals. I have become one of the most viewed writers on competitive exams while writing on Quora (6.5 million answer views). I have worked as the Senior Vice President of YES Bank and was Regional Head for Inclusive Banking and Microfinance. Before that, I was Assistant General Manager for RBI. I have done Ph.D. in Development Communication from GB Pant University, Pantnagar and MBA (PGPM) from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad 
Tell us about your start-up! 
ixamBee is an online learning place that leverages technology to customize content and make quality education accessible. We provide Career Guidance, Video Lessons, Live classes, and Practice Tests in Hindi and English. We have 9.8 lakh registered students on the website. Every month 25 million questions are getting attempted on our website, and 1.5 million hours of learning time have been consumed by students on ixamBee’s all channels to date. ixamBee is the only website that provides free mock tests for more than 50 exams for recruitment jobs recruitment exams. 
“What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? 
The most important thing that we are working on right now is making complete online learning courses for the preparation of competitive exams, which will make quality education accessible to students from tier 2/3 towns. 
What’s your take on your segmented/targeted Market? 
Our targeted market is all those 70 million students preparing for competitive exams, and 40 million are preparing for government jobs. There is the market potential of Rs.10,000 crore plus only for government job exams like banking, SSC, state government recruitment. 
What are the challenges you have faced, and what are the current challenges? Mention the top three challenges for both. 
We have faced different challenges throughout our journey. But there are two major challenges that we faced:

  1. Building the learning platform those students can use intuitively 2. Making the content most appropriate for the exams 

Why have you started up? Be specific with your reasons!! 
I come from a small village in the Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand and have seen the struggle of getting quality education in my schooling days. During my travel to rural areas in various states, while developing the microfinance business of YES Bank, I observed that the same problem exists everywhere. Students lack access to quality education, although they are willing to pay. With the growth of the internet in all parts of the country, I realized this is the best time to make education online. Using online channels, there is a huge opportunity to provide the best quality education to every part of the country. 

Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years? 
In the next five years, we aim to reach 100 million students and provide them the best quality education which they can access anytime and from anywhere. 
Please share your learning for fellow Entrepreneurs? 
Entrepreneurship is becoming a trend, and few successes are highlighted in media, so this is becoming glamorous. So be sure about your mission if you are entering into this. This is very exciting if you like what you do. I am still very early on this journey, so I have to learn a lot. 
They are in need of Investment in their business for smooth functioning and growth in the market. We wish Mr. Chandraprakash Joshi and his team-best of luck for the future.  
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