Scale Your Business and Your Mindset. Next Founders competition 2020

Next Founders accelerates the expansion of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, access to capital, and unparalleled entrepreneurial education taught by world-class faculty.
You’re a busy  founder, we get it. That’s why Next Founders is the most flexible program, offering à-la-carte education from many North America’s top minds that you can simply opt-in to support your individual needs.
THEY ARE-Canada’s strongest and most dedicated entrepreneurial network made from 500+ top Canadian academics, entrepreneurs, investors and founders. They rally round the next generation of entrepreneurs, making it hard for them to fail.
They uncover Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurs and supercharge their ambition by showing them what’s possible. Next Founder accelerate their trajectory with access to education, mentorship and funding.
To ensure a more ambitious and competitive Canada, they’d like to interact, empower and keep our next generation of entrepreneurs in Canada. That’s how they’ll help grow more Canadian headquarters, jobs, and equity.
Another slower and more immersive option — this one geared to the Canada start-up ecosystem. Next Founders accelerates your start-up’s growth, as well as your personal growth as a founder, through mentoring and access to capital. If you get accepted, you become eligible for up to $30K in non-dilutive grant funding. You will also get your chance to present your start-up during various events and attend many workshops before the big presentation on Venture Day.


Location: Toronto, Ontario.
Date: TBD. Events are happening throughout the year, with Venture Day usually happening in August.
Cost: There’s no cost to participate in the program
Industry focus: Broad, but your business has got to be located in Southern Ontario.
The amount you’ll win: Up to $30K in non-dilutive grant funding.
So if your business is located in Southern Ontario and have the potential to be a successful startup then step up and grab this opportunity to take your business to new levels.
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