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Bringing sustainability in transportation- Ashva Motors focused to fuel your motorcycle with Electricity 

Electric Motorcycle

While the whole country is boiling on oil, these young entrepreneurs took the responsibility to provide a rock solid solution instead of playing blame game unlike others. Knowing the fact- petrol prices may soar, but electric vehicles offer a sustainable transportation alternative for just few bucks per charge, Hiren Bhanderi (Aeronautical Engineering Student) & Disha Biramane (Industrial Production Engineer) joined their hands to bring the change required with their electric motorcycle.

We have great hopes of being a major part of the government’s 2030 mission. We have had struggles and challenges in the past and a key in overcoming them has always been our unfailing faith in our team and it’s perfect blend of knowledge and creativity. We aspire to continue to be able to do so in the future using the same mantra. – Hiren Bhanderi (Founder, Ashva Motors

All markets are not equal but with a strong vision, passion & commitment by hustling entrepreneursgreat products take into shape irrespective of the market segment. For the vision to bring all vehicles as electric vehicles on road by 2030, Mr. Hiren believes, they can provide a good contribution(electric motorcycle) in achieving that goal. Here is a brief conversation with him :

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Q. How will you Introduce Yourself to the world ?
Hiren : I am Hiren Bhanderi, an aeronautical engineer from MIT, Manipal. I love to bring a positive change in society. Currently, we are working on an electric motorcycle & love to be known as lead electric motorcycle manufacturer in coming days.
Q. When and how did you start your journey?
Hiren: The idea to manufacture electric motorcycles came to us in the second year of our engineering degree, in 2016. It started with spreading word through college to form a team with the intention of undertaking a university project, preparing research papers for the same, taking seed funding from it, and representing our university at Moto E and Isle of Man TT international races. This idea wasn’t very successful due to insufficient funding. So this idea was replaced with a new one which was to establish an Electric motorcycle manufacturing company that would represent India at these races and then also manufacture electric motorcycles which would be compatible for regular use on Indian roads. The company was officially founded on 31st August 2017 as Ashva Motors Private Limited, headquartered at Pune.

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Q. How did you come up with the idea? And from where you got the inspiration?
Hiren: The inspiration came from a fascination for electric motors. They are much more powerful than engines, run on electricity which can be easily produced, and are also Eco-friendly. While researching on their applications, I came across electric super bikes and was almost immediately obsessed with them. Thinking further, brought to realisation that if and when the automobile sector were to become completely electric, it would substantially reduce pollution levels in India. This is an urgent issue and needs to be treated with the highest priority.
Q. Please brief about your organisation & who are the founding members ?
Hiren: Ashva Motors is an electric motorcycle manufacturing company that strongly believes in the ‘Make in India‘ initiative and endeavours to make its products with over 70% Indian components. It was founded by me and Miss Disha Biramane, an industrial production engineer from the same institution MIT, Manipal. With a focus on innovating and developing environmentally sustainable, quality products and providing customers with most reliable service, the company strives for nothing short of excellence. Ashva Motors chiefly consists of a team of 7 engineers working to create a product which satisfies the desires of every biker to the greatest extent, in addition to giving off zero carbon emissions.
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Q. Can you share your UPs & Downs in your journey so far with our readers ? 
Hiren: As mentioned earlier, the journey started with the initial objective of taking up a university project to make an electric motorcycle and take it to race in the Isle of man TT and Moto E. But since, that plan could not be effectively carried out, a new one was set in place, which was to found a company to manufacture up-to-date electric motorcycle suitable for the common man for regular use on Indian roads. At the same time, working on a high end technically advanced and innovative motorcycle to represent India at the international races to gain support of the people and also to attract investors. A change in plan, resulted in a change of the team as well. Joined by students who were hardworking and willing to go the distance and also by several interns, this journey was ventured upon. It is well under way, even though, the road ahead of us continues to remain a long one.
Q. What are the challenges & opportunities in your way to achieve success ?
Hiren: The challenges the company faces do not differ much from those faced by other similar startups in India. These include, lack of modern infrastructure, in the country, to manufacture lithium ion cells due to which they require to be imported and lack of awareness of electric mobility and it’s benefits. Eco friendly electric mobility has not yet gained as much popularity as would be required by the pressing issue of a rapidly deteriorating environment. The general attitude towards environmental degradation continues to remain laid back. Also, electric mobility has been subject to a lot of unfounded criticism, due to absence of factual knowledge.

Keep your focus on issues currently faced by society and use your creativity and knowledge to solve at least one of them. It would assuredly lead to your success since your motivation would be well placed – Hiren’s advice for young entrepreneurs

Q. What are the strategies to hack growth(Marketing Strategies) on your way? 
Hiren: Marketing strategies chiefly include approaching food delivery services, bike rental services,and such universities that desire to go green to employ our bikes for their usage. This would allow people to give their feedback and develop trust and confidence in our company’s products as well as contribute towards the environment.

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Q. What is the future planning for Ashva Motors & how will you manage funds ?
Hiren: The future plans at the moment focus on mass manufacture of electric motorcycle for regular use which would require a funding of around 1.5 crore and on the production of a technically advanced motorcycle to be tested at Moto E and isle of man TT. This is aimed to attract investments in the company in exchange for equity.
Q. Please share your learning for fellow Entrepreneurs ?
Hiren: Dream seems to be unachievable until & unless you start working on it. Keep your belief system strong, it will boost your will power & help to achieve the unachievable. Keep going & never quit before achieving your goal. 
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