Journey of KMY Global-from a growing start-up to one stop solution for financial strategies

An investment strategy is the set of rules or plans to guide your investments in the business to get the best possible results in the future. Some investment strategies are made in such a way that its focus is on rapid growth and maximum revenue generations. In contrast, some investment strategies are made following wealth protection and low-risk policy. … Read more

Bringing sustainability in transportation- Ashva Motors focused to fuel your motorcycle with Electricity 

Electric Motorcycle While the whole country is boiling on oil, these young entrepreneurs took the responsibility to provide a rock solid solution instead of playing blame game unlike others. Knowing the fact- petrol prices may soar, but electric vehicles offer a sustainable transportation alternative for just few bucks per charge, Hiren Bhanderi (Aeronautical Engineering Student) & Disha Biramane (Industrial … Read more

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