Journey of KMY Global-from a growing start-up to one stop solution for financial strategies

An investment strategy is the set of rules or plans to guide your investments in the business to get the best possible results in the future. Some investment strategies are made in such a way that its focus is on rapid growth and maximum revenue generations. In contrast, some investment strategies are made following wealth protection and low-risk policy. It is not a cup of tea to make those perfect strategies for the companies to get success. It requires a lot of effort and mental workout to get the best strategy for any company.
We found KMY Global, which makes those perfect strategies for small and medium enterprises. YAP Koi Ming (George), who specializes in strategic business plans, listing on stock exchanges, international banking, financial management, etc., is the founder of KMY Global. They aim to increase the revenue of the entrepreneurs by their customized solutions. 
We had a really interesting interview with Mr. George Yap Koi Ming. Check out the full interview here. 
How will you introduce yourself to the world? *
I would like to introduce myself as a Financial, Sales, Marketing Strategist and the owner of KMY Global.  
Tell your readers about your achievements till today (Be Honest) !! *
We have been providing value to added financial solutions using a strategic partner. We are not a financial investor but we provide long term sustainable solutions.
Tell us about your start-up! *
We provide tailored-made solutions to owners of SMEs with Unicorn aspirations using a risk-based sustainable business model.
“What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? *
Monetizing asset-rich investors achieve liquidity as the global liquidity crunch yield damage beyond that seen in GFC 2008. Too big to fail, will fail.
What’s your take on your segmented/targeted Market? *
The future of world growth is aligned with SMEs and GLC that are well managed with risk management in place.
What are the challenges you have faced and what are the current challenges? Mention the top three challenges for both. *
Over leverage and ignoring sound management to stir the path to sustainable growth backed by fundamentals. 
Why you have started up? Be specific with your reasons!! *
We have started up to provide niche financial and marketing and sales solutions that are based on volume and sales growth metrics.
Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years? *
We see ourselves achieving revenues growth of 10%p.a. as a STRATEGIST TO OWNERS.
Please share your learning for fellow Entrepreneurs? *
 We would like to share that, we should provide tailored solutions based on entrepreneurs’ growth targets.
Team Entrepreneur Bus wishes very good luck to Mr. YAP Koi Ming & their team to achieve their goals in the coming days.
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