Italy start-up competition 2020

A great opportunity lies ahead for start-ups to introduce their projects ahead of an outsized audience, comped by the most important players within the sector, experts, and investors.
On June 4-6, Italy progressing to host 2020 start-up competition will gather over 500 partners and 150investers, start-up candidates over 2.100, and medimaina from across Italy. The two days competition six finalists who will take the mainstage, another start-up is going to be selected to access the start-up Room and thus present their pitch to the general public.


It is widely acknowledged that Innovation and entrepreneurship are driving forces of economic growth and social development in today’s modern society. The WMF, for the seventh year in a row, wants to combine innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting one of the most important South European initiatives to support innovative ideas development and business creation.


 The call is dedicated to all the start-ups and businesses – made up of individuals or teams – who want to share their innovative projects or ideas. Participants will have the opportunity of introducing their projects in front of a large audience, composed of the biggest players within the field, experts, and investors. This will also represent a unique chance to gain visibility and meet potential supporters. 
In addition to the six finalists who will take the Mainstage, other start-ups will be selected to access the Start-up Room and thus present their pitch to the public. Among the winners of the previous editions, you can find: TOMMI, Friends, Just Knock, Fit Prime, as well as Venture and Pat chai, the two winning projects. The total value of the awards was over 1 million Euros.


 The ‘elevator pitch’ is a brief presentation that describes your business venture in a nutshell. A solid elevator pitch needs to convey the business idea in a concise manner so as to attract your audience’s attention quickly.


Applicants will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Skills of the team, knowledge of the sector, the feasibility of the project;
  • The development stage of the product/service;
  • Degree of innovation and its defensibility;
  • Positioning in relation to competitors;
  • Consistency with market and customers’ needs and potential outreach;
  • The business potential of the idea.

At the end of the selection process, the Innovation Team will choose six start-ups, who will have the possibility of presenting their projects on the Mainstage, in front of the panel. Each team will have three minutes to present their idea. The board then will have three minutes again to ask any questions before making their final choice. 
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