Aarohm Energy – Setting the timeline of a new era of artificial intelligence by innovation. 

Heading towards an eco-friendly system is the need of the hour. We read about initiatives almost every day that are trying to shift our world towards a clean environment. Green energy solutions are leading the way through the integration of renewable technologies day by day.
While reading about all the innovations in clean energy, we got to know about Aarohm Energy Pvt Ltd, an initiative to utilize available resources in the most effective way.
Meet Mr. Amar Pandey, the brain behind Aarohm Energy Pvt Ltd. He has an aim to innovate and develop technologies to harness maximum renewable energy and make it almost free to access for everyone.  
 We had an interesting interview with Mr. Amar Pandey, check out the full interview here.
How will you introduce yourself to the world? *
I’m a dreamer, entrepreneur, and author by destiny. After completing my education, I started my career in the field of renewable energy. In 10 years of my career through my learning, I came across a dream which becomes the ultimate goal of my life. I’m running a solar company. Apart from working in the field of renewable energy, I’m a writer and working on the biggest fictional cinematic universe that had ever been created. 
Tell your readers about your achievements till today (Be Honest) !! 
A published author of the book Name – Nick & Nimmy. Successfully doing solar EPC projects. Working on future ventures based on the fictional cinematic universe I’ve created would include book/comic publishing and post book/comic/website, and App launch will develop game and film based on the novel series. 
Tell us about your start-up! *
Aarohm means to keep on rising. Keep on growing. Our tagline is “Rising on the horizon.” Aarohm energy intends to come up with an almost free green energy solution soon. And other upcoming projects in the Aarohm group will set the new timeline of a new era of artificial intelligence by innovation. 
“What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? *
Right now, I’m working on my novel, where I am creating a fictional universe where my vision is how it would be the future of humans of our earth. How we are going make the balance between supply and demand in the future with a growing population. There is going to be food, water, energy crisis, etc. We have to be prepared, and I am getting prepared for the future by building the structure in present.
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What’s your take on your segmented/targeted Market? *
My target audience is not specific. We aim to provide a solution for every living soul on earth, including animals and birds. If we are taking something from our mother nature, we must give it back if we are harnessing the energy we must give it back. 

What are the challenges you have faced, and what are the current challenges? Mention the top three challenges for both. *
The first challenge you’ll always face that would be your self-doubt. I have faith in my dreams, and I do not doubt it. The rest of the problems you face will have easy solutions  always like funding, etc. 
Why have you started up? Be specific with your reasons!! *
Once Walt Disney said he doesn’t make movies to make money, but he makes money to make movies. Similarly, I have started this journey to earn that much money required to accomplish my dream to bring change in the world. 
Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years? *
In the next five years, I want to see myself living my dream. Achieving the target I have planned for the next 21 years.
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Please share your learning for fellow Entrepreneurs? *
Believe in your dreams. Don’t work to earn money. Earn along with working while providing solutions for problems. 
He concluded that his company needs financial support. They want someone to invest on their business so that his company is able to go on and achieve those big dreams in the journey ahead.
Team Entrepreneur Bus wishes very good luck to Mr. Amar Pandey  & their team to achieve their goals in the coming days. If you wish to get featured your Story/Interview on our platform, please fill this form: shorturl.at/jsJP1

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