Digital trends which completely transformed the real estate industry

Real estate has been one such industry which hasn’t altered the way the business is run. The industry has always been slow in adopting changes or in accommodating any new technologies. But the way the world is changing specially in terms of digitalization, has convinced the industry leaders that adopting new technologies is the only … Read more

Delhi Govt. Launched E-Vehicle Subsidized Policy 2020

Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the policy at a digital briefing on Friday. The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy, which includes registration fees and vehicle tax, provides for a 1,000 crore subsidy for electric vehicles in the city, which was introduced today (Friday) by the Delhi Government and the New Delhi State Government. Announcing the … Read more

Digital Readiness Of Businesses Post Covid-19 World

Digital Readiness of businesses post covid 19 world

In recent weeks, people have been encouraged to work from home, schools and universities are taking courses online, doctors and patients are turning to telemedicine, and politicians are attending virtual summits.  Looking ahead, demand for skilled workers will increase with wages as digital and online work becomes the new normal. This means that the workforce … Read more

Loosing job in Corona Crises can be an Opportunity to start Entrepreneurial Journey

Loosing job in Corona Crises can be an Opportunity to start Entrepreneurial Journey

In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity – Albert Einstein How true is that, can you relate with it? There is a seed of equal or bigger opportunities during every difficulty. And this is the time when we all are suffering through the Corona crises, and many-many companies are on the verge of shut down … Read more


India is a country that excels in every field, but in the 21st century, the talk of each day is the fashion industry. Fashion is defined as styles of clothing as well as other accessories being worn by a different group of people at different times. It includes everything such as apparel, sportswear, footwear, traditional, … Read more

How to Pursue a Career as a Beauty Therapist?

Digital Readiness of businesses post covid 19 world

Beauty treatment is all about making people feel good about themselves along with the best outfit, elegant adornments, floral leather bags, etc. If you can help your friends to get ready for the party with makeup in three hours, if you have the skills to help your mates to set up over-plucked eyebrows or can … Read more

Will Work From Home Become The New Normal?

According to a recent publication by the University of Chicago, the number of people who can work from home is rising significantly. In the first week of April, more than half of Americans who had previously commuted to work were working at home because of coronavirus, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human … Read more

How To Save Your Business In Covid19 Lockdown?

How To Save Your Business In Covid19 Lockdown? Lockdown has been extended up to 3 May in India. Corporate, restaurants, bars, shops, schools, gyms and all other businesses will remain closed, and citizens have to stay at home to prevent spreading this respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus, CoVid19. Scientists & researchers are on … Read more

Bringing sustainability in opportunities for businesses and professionals through digital solutions – Meet Abhishek Anand

Founder CEO Interview

When you develop a positive mindset, you will stop complaining about the issues. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. You don’t have to wait for opportunities; instead, you can create a pool of opportunities for yourself and others. In our society or every society, you will find most of the people complaining … Read more

The Office Pass – Providing neighborhood coworking space for saving travelling time

In a developing country like India, one of the problems that corporate people face is commuting. To work with big companies, employees travel around 2 to 3 hours each day. Developing nations cannot afford this much time wastage. Neighborhood coworking space are the obvious solution.  To solve this problem, Aditya Verma has stepped up to … Read more

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