No more worries, Rail Restro get you quality food while travelling

Around 14,000 trains run daily in India with an average ridership of 3 crores passengers approx. On an average, 3000 passengers travel per train service. It is almost 2.3% of the total population of India. Such a huge population is commuting daily through railways but is their travel smooth ? Travellers struggle to get hygienic … Read more

Bringing sustainability in transportation- Ashva Motors focused to fuel your motorcycle with Electricity 

Electric Motorcycle While the whole country is boiling on oil, these young entrepreneurs took the responsibility to provide a rock solid solution instead of playing blame game unlike others. Knowing the fact- petrol prices may soar, but electric vehicles offer a sustainable transportation alternative for just few bucks per charge, Hiren Bhanderi (Aeronautical Engineering Student) & Disha Biramane (Industrial … Read more

When you should go for cloud hosting ?

In present digital era, where every website owners/SMEs/business owners are looking for an efficient and fast service under their pocket size, hosting environment is also changing, from traditional setups to the possibilities of cloud hosting. Before you decide to change your website hosting from traditional hosting to cloud hosting, lets get an insight about cloud … Read more

You also have a fear to share your idea/s with anyone, check this out !!

With a mission to share learning from top executives of industry/corporate/startup, here Entrepreneur Bus team brings you  learning of Abhishek Anand (Founder & Chief Executive officer at My Servicekart PVT. LTD.), penned by himself. She once told me, don’t share your ideas to people, they might steal it and take all the credit, which you … Read more

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