Cousins who made a huge empire out of a 94 YO bespoke tailoring suit business

PN RAO is one of the oldest and largest family led corporation in suite industry since 1923 in Bangalore, serving the elite British men. What began as a British dressing craftsmanship in the early British Empire has grown into a multi dimension company with hundreds of fashion projects around the suiting industry.
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It was started by the late Pishe Narayana Rao, who mastered the art of bespoke tailoring for officers and their ladies during the British era in the erstwhile cantonment area of Bengaluru, with a small 100 square feet store, which has now expanded in not only India but also worldwide with fan following in US, UK, Netherlands et al.

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From a Rs. 6 crore company a decade ago to Rs. 60 crore in revenue in 2017 taxation, they have only grown to outshine brands like Raymond. It is on its way to become a Rs. 100 crore company by 2020 with the target of getting to Rs. 190 crore revenue by 2023 by adding more than 35 stores from the current strength of seven.
And the credit to success of the store goes to the third-generation partners, 47-year-old Naveen Pishe and 38-year-old Ketan Pishe who have embarked on a journey to enter the digital world by implementing a high-end ERP system for the first time.
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Seeing other brands shoring up, more and more people turning to other brands left them with only two options- either to live in the past for live in the future. It was high time that they go back to their traditional roots of suiting surviving in the present. They rebranded themselves PN Rao “Fine Suits” and began to target the premium hunk. The group has invested Rs. 23 crore and has now expanded the business to seven stores, with a store each in Hyderabad and Chennai. In near future, they plan to open stores in Tier-2 cities such as Mysore, Mangalore and Coimbatore.
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Naveen and Ketan are a decade apart in age and training and maybe that’s why they bring in the vibes of old and new in executing business strategy.

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