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Every successful start-up had different reasons as problems faced by the founder being the major one. The problem created an idea, and eventually, it ended up as a successful business. EventShip is India’s fast-growing e-commerce, and the marketplace platform started with a mission to simplify people’s life by delivering the events’ essentials and services.
Meet Mr. Harish, founder of Eventship whose business started with him facing problems at his sister’s wedding. With some experience, great vision and idea, he wants to take this start-up to the top of the mountain.
Check out this full amazing interview we had with Mr. Harish. 
How will you Introduce Yourself to the world? 
I’m Harish, the founder of EventShip. We commit ourselves to create a one-stop platform for all event essentials – from products to services. I have been working as a data professional, switching roles from being a Data Scientist in one of the major consulting firms in India, to a Business analyst and a Data analyst in others. I have a close inclination towards data and business, and a great zeal to drive a significant change in the way events are organized in our country.
My journey as an entrepreneur commenced when I witnessed the hassles in my sisters’ weddings and started thinking of a solution to organize it and provide users with a platform to arrange the products and services all in one go. This is how the new me and EventShip came to life.
 Tell your readers about your achievements till today (Be Honest) 
I am an engineering graduate from a government college in a tier 2 city of India, and I am glad I have come a long way in my corporate life. I am happy to have sustained leading this effort of building a company all alone, not falling apart with time. I understand this is just the beginning of shaping up a dream, and this is going to take a lot more to transform it into reality.
 Tell us about your start-up! 
Event Ship, as the name spells out, is designed to Ship all Event essentials to your doorsteps — from buying the relevant products (some bundled together in packages) to hiring professionals for the services you need. It’s on a mission to simplify people’s life by delivering the events’ essentials and services. We understand that one needs a plan and a lot more time to organize an event, and hence we bring you the one-stop solution for all you need.
We are committed to focusing on the religious market now, from delivering all Puja Samagri bundled into a package to hiring Pandits-Pujaris and Photographers for your events. The users will have various professionals to book from, and this will enable them to choose the one they love. 
We understand there is a huge opportunity and potential to be unlocked, and we are just getting started with bundle packages and hiring professionals for the services you need. 
Event services which we provide- 

  1. Birthday Party Organization, 
  2. Birthday Shoot, 
  3. Candid Photography, 
  4. Cinematography / Videography, 
  5. Fashion Shoot, 
  6. House Warming Ceremony, 
  7. Landscape Photography, 
  8. Maternity Shoot, 
  9. Naming Ceremony, 
  10. Portrait Photography.

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“What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? 
I am currently working on on-boarding the professionals so that the customers have as many options available to choose from. This also helps the vendors get more visibility into the real world and maximize their earnings. We are doing it by reaching out to the vendors individually and giving them a good understanding of our product and services.
What’s your take on your segmented/targeted Market
The religious market in India is estimated to be worth over $30 billion and is a very fragmented industry. There is no standardization of the prices across pujas, and organizing them is still a hassle for the families. This platform will make the market competitive, and the customers would have clear visibility on the services being offered.
What are the challenges you have faced, and what are the current challenges? Mention the top three challenges for both. 
I am starting this venture with a minimal investment of money and a whole lot of investment of time considering my current full-time job. There are a lot of challenges I have faced in due course of my journey.
 Listing a few of them here: 

  1. Time intensive work and time management 
  2. Forming a legal entity with all the checks in place 
  3. Creating a team and office space with no funding – still a challenge 
  4. Delay in the developmental work 
  5. On-boarding the vendors – still a challenge 
  6. Marketing strategies – still a challenge 
  7. Finally, staying motivated during this phase of time.

Why have you started up? Be specific with your reasons!! 
The strong passion for simplifying people’s lives and organizing the religious market made me jump into this industry with a focus to standardize the prices for the customers, give them the flexibility to book the vendor they love, and simultaneously maximize the earnings of the vendors.
Having arranged the weddings of two sisters, I realized how big of a hassle it is for a middle-class family to hire an Event Manager to take care of the event. This platform intends to organize all the event essentials and create a marketplace for the customers and vendors to interact seamlessly. 
Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years? 
That’s an ambitious answer, to be honest. I would like to bridge the gap between the customers and vendors and organize this industry to the extent possible. I aim to tap this industry in various cities and create numerous jobs too. With this, we not only help the customers get the packages and services all in one go but also provide the vendors with a platform to maximize their reach and a dashboard to maintain their earnings.
 On a personal note, I would like to interact with fellow founders, mentors, and learn from their successes and failures.
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Please share your learning for fellow Entrepreneurs? 
The start-up journey might seem fancy from a viewpoint, but it is a really painful and stressful journey. However, this journey with ups and downs brings the best in you and helps determine your true potential. 
Interactions with different people, discussions with friends, and family help shape your ideas and thoughts and eventually streamline your efforts. Further, it helps you to capitalize on things with the minimum resources you have at your disposal – and this comes with a lot of learning on the way. You are going to face a lot of challenges on the way, but keeping yourself motivated to the goal is what will make you closer each day.
Team Entrepreneur Bus wishes very good luck to Mr. Harish & their team to achieve their goals in the coming days.

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