Li -FI : Next big revolution in the Internet World

Imagine a world where every LED light is an access point of the Internet, a world where 100 GB data transfer within seconds will be just normal. That’s gonna be the world of Li-Fi.


Internet has become such a crucial part of our life that we cannot imagine living a single day without it. And with more and more devices getting connected due to internet of Things, the consumption is just going to increase exponentially.


Currently, more than 60% of the Internet consumption requirement of the world is met by Wi – FI. And if Wi- Fi is helping us with all our needs, then why look for alternative sources.


Why Li – Fi ?


Even-though Wi-Fi is widely used sources of Internet, it still raises some vulnerability and concern :


  • Availability of Limited Spectrum : With billions of devices getting connected to the internet and the number increasing exponentially, the spectrum is getting filled up.
  • Licensing Spectrum throughout the world is quite a challenging task.
  • Limited Bandwidth : It’s not possible to transfer heavy data, especially if the data is in multiple GBs
  • Security concern : Wi- Fi transmission takes place using radio signals which can travel through walls and could raise security issues.


Imagine a hacker sitting outside your house trying to enter into your system, they can easily do so with the help of Wi-Fi and this is the main reason it is not a preferable option for high security places like Defense.

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 Li- Fi on the other hand, resolves all the above issues and provides us much much more.


What is Li-Fi ?


Li-Fi or Light Fidelity is a technology which enables wireless communication with the help of light.


Any data which we are willing to transmit is converted into 1’s and 0’s in front of the light source which acts as a transmitter and at the receiver end, these bits are converted into complete data with the help of a photodetector.



What Li-FI has to offer ?


  • Since, data transfer in Li-Fi happens with the help of light, it offers unprecedented speed. This is at least 10x faster then Wi-Fi.

         If you will try to download the movie, it will happen just per click, won’t even take  second

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         Can you imagine the highest speed that Li-Fi can provide ? 

 Its 224 GB/sec


  • Unlimited bandwidth and Spectrum availability. With billions of devices getting connected with the internet, the consumption is just gonna increase exponentially and it holds potentials to meet all the future requirement


  • Light does not cross the wall, and so, it provided immense security as no outsider can hack the data which was one of the biggest concerns in case of Wi-Fi as radio waves can cross the wall.


  • The immense security that Li- Fi offers is the reason it could be used in the Wi-fi restricted area like defence, aircraft , hospital ICU etc


Future of Li-Fi


With the immense potential it holds to meet the increased and secured  requirement of the internet, it has a really bright future.


And it’s not just about the future, Li-Fi is the reality today. Its already installed in headquarters of Mexican projects and Microsoft, university of Edinburgh etc etc

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Li-Fi has also been installed in Paris subway stations with speed reaching up to 250 GB/sec


Li is already a reality today for the Enterprise and it’s soon gonna be reality for consumers as well.

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