Redefining mid-office operations with Rainbow CTM, a Complete Travel Management Solution – Meet the Pioneer Niranjan Gupta

With a combined experience of more than 80 years in the areas of travel services, technology, consulting, consumer internet, e-commerce, product strategy and of course successful product start-up experience, Rainbow CTM( registered as Trip38 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) aims to redefine the way how travel agents operate both to increase their own efficiency as well as to improve their revenue.
All markets are not equal but with a strong vision, passion & commitment by hustling entrepreneursgreat products take into shape irrespective of the market segment. Loved to be called as Travel Tech Entrepreneur, Mr. Niranjan Gupta has a deep experience of startups and he believes, technological development brings a better solution in travelling space also. Here is a brief conversation with him :

Q. How will you Introduce Yourself to the world ?
Niranjan: People know me as Niranjan Gupta, moreover that I would love to be known as a Travel Technology entrepreneur.
Q. Tell your readers about your achievements till today (Be Honest) !!
Niranjan: I have been in the forefront of technology solutions to the B2B space in travel industry.
Q. What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?
Niranjan: We launched a CRM for travel agents with content – the first of its kind, and a need of the hour.
Q. What’s your take on your segmented/targeted Market ?
Niranjan: Travel agents are slow to adopt new technologies, and do not accept changes easily. This market is yet to be evolve and have a lot of potential in it.
Q. What are the challenges you have faced and what are the current challenges ? Mention top three challenges for both.
Niranjan: In past, we have faced some critical challenges, they are: 
1. Research on the validity of the idea  
2. Retaining the tech team for  built.
3. Sourcing content.
After coming a long way, currently we are facing challenges, which are :-
1. Build top quality sales team
2. On boarding agents to use the product.
3. Funding to sustain the burn.
Q. Why you have started up ? Be specific with your reasons!
Niranjan: I am not new in this segment, have been doing this for last 10 years. My three early ventures are :-,, trip38 app, and now RainbowCTM
Q. Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years ? 
Niranjan: We are targeting 5000+ agents using the platform as a single window for all the transactions in the travel agency
Q. Please share your learnings for fellow Entrepreneurs ?
Niranjan: I believe, if you dig deep and understand a business, you will always find ways to improve the same. Having been in travel space for 25+ years, I have always found something I could improve upon the present using technology.
Currently, RainbowCTM is operational in Bangalore and will have plan to expand to other cities also in near future. We wish a very smooth journey for RainbowCTM team and hope they will get very good sales team for customer acquisition.

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