ImpactGuru – Creating impact on healthcare industry through crowdfunding

healthcare crowdfunding

While searching for the best crowd-funding platforms to help our fellow entrepreneurs, Team Entrepreneurs Bus came to know about one of the start-ups that are growing in this field rapidly. To understand their initiative better, we talked to Piyush Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of, a crowd-funding platform in details. Entrepreneurship is different from Business … Read more

Entrepreneurship is different from Business – check out how ?

Entrepreneurship is different from Business India might have turned into the third-biggest startup eco-system, yet it needs innovative advancements. Firstly, existing & aspiring entrepreneurs need to understand the meaning of entrepreneurship. There is a thin line between entrepreneurship & business, let me break that to make thoughts clear on it.  [amazon_link asins=’B071DCXL6C,8126566930,933258740X,933258737X,9332587108,B007H72WBO,1591845335,B0154B2FL6,8186775056,9352865618′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’1122′ marketplace=’IN’ … Read more

Lessons an Entrepreneur Can Get from Candy Crush

Lessons an Entrepreneur Can Get from Candy Crush For all the hustlers, dreamers, go-getters, and more than that doers, motivation comes to them in different forms, either in Intrinsic form or in Extrinsic form or in both forms. Talking about motivations coming from Extrinsic sources, I found Candy Crush as one of the best sources … Read more

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