Global Startup Competition 2020 – The right place for you to boost your business to the new levels

Have you just launched your company? Is your startup unique with great ideas and solutions? Well, there’s a good news for you. Every start-up is facing many challenges in their journey.
In every challenge and event, start-ups, who proved their potential and beat the challenge, become the winners. We believe these start-ups from around the world are heroes with great innovations for what they struggle to realize.
In all corners of the planet, we see amazing start-ups materialize, but then they vanish. Their solutions never get the chance to prove their potential. We tackle this by connecting start-ups to the challenges of our public and personal partners. Are you able to beat the challenge? Get within the ring and prove your solution.
A start-up faces many challenges in its journey. Even if the start-up is innovative, it still gets hard to go on in the market. But this competition gives a great opportunity for a start-up to scale up. You get an audience, including investors, mentors, corporates, etc. If you really have a great start-up and you are able to attract people, you may get help to boost your business with a pilot contract or investment. 
Take the challenge. Show your innovative solutions to the audience full of businesses, investors, etc. Matching corporations with start-ups to solve their innovation needs is what this competition does. Through their deep screening of the market and the start-up ecosystem, they can identify the best match for a successful collaboration.
A retreat for the best start-ups to come together in an unconventional environment. Make deals with businesses and investors. Meet people from all around the world in this event. If you have the best innovative business, then you may win the Global Title as well, which has many different benefits. 

  • Location: TBD. Last year was held in Berlin, Germany.
  • Date: The 3-day final will be held in June 2020, but there will be several regional events until May — or you can apply online from April 1-30.
  • Cost: Free
  • Industry focus: Broad

The amount you can win: A 1-year business development support with expenses covered; an investment offers up to €500,000.
So we recommend start-up all around the world to at least participate in this event. Share your innovative solution and business to the global audience. Get yourself the best deal with investors and businesses. And hope for the best of winning the Global Title.
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