IoT Startups solving real-life problems

IoT Startups solving real-life problems

“ I believe, it’s not the technologies that change the world, it’s the dream behind the technologies which changes the world “

              – Jack Ma

The dream of people who wants to solve real-world problems by using every existing option and technology possible. Emerging technologies like IoT, AI, Blockchain, etc are proving to be revolutionary in almost every field from healthcare, farming to our day to day life 


IoT Startup in Healthcare



Rural India lacks proper healthcare Infrastructure and blood deficit during an emergency sometimes even results in death due to hemorrhage, or pregnancy. On the other hand, there is a wastage of blood storage in urban areas due to its limited lifespan.

Bagmo is an IoT  Startup that is trying to use technology as life-saving innovation. They built wi-fi based IoT device which continuously records the blood storage conditions, ensuring the quality and acceptability of the blood with the help of an RFID sensor that monitors the temperature, time lag, and life of each blood with the help of software.

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The innovation is now helping rural people to get treatment at their convenience without traveling to cities and also, it has led to a reduction in blood wastage to a great extent as each bag is tracked and can be returned if not used.



Unfortunate incidents like accidents, Cardiac arrests, poisoning, or animal attack can happen anytime to anyone. And life-saving treatment requires medical history records like medicines, surgeries, implants, or any allergies of the victim.

MyresQR is an IoT startup that has taken the initiative to address this issue. They have developed myresQR Emergency alert Id. The device has a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone to pull accurate, up-to-date, and complete medical information about the victim at the point of care within seconds.

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IoT Startup in Agriculture



The major issue which adversely impacts the crop growth is untimely rain, pests, water availability issues, and soil quality. The uninformed decision by farmers leads to poor cultivation resulting in them suffering losses and being poor.

Fasal is an Iot Startup which collects data about the soil nutrients, crops condition, pests, moisture etc from different sensors and with the help of this data and AI, they make future predictions of around 14 days.

This helps farmers to be proactive with the crop requirement and they can take preventive measures to protect it from infection and pests. 



One of the reasons for farmers’ low earning and getting trapped in a vicious cycle of debt is them not realizing the real value of their produce.

Qzense is a Bengaluru-based IoT Startup that aims to transform the fresh food supply chain with data. They capture insights about the ripeness, spoilage and Shelf life of fresh food and accordingly grade them using IoT solutions. Farmers with the help of this distinction can gain higher margin on the same produce


IoT Startup in Infrastructure and our day to day life



Nexiot specializes in end-to-end IoT system integration and provides reliable solutions leveraging the right mix of open source and proprietary technologies.

They provide a solution for smart water, energy and resource management, building automation, smart cities environmental monitoring, etc etc etc

They also provide consulting services and training in IoT.



It is an IoT Startup which provides powerful home energy monitoring and management solution, reports, real home energy usage and helps a homeowner with intelligent data to make smart energy decision.

A wi-fi-enabled sensor device measures the flow of electricity and transfers information to the cloud. They provide important power-related observation which could be accessed via smartphone or any connected device.


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The future is changing and these technologies are slowly becoming part of our life and dreams without us even realizing it. They are solving the real problem and revolutionizing our life. From smartwatches to Driverless, IoT innovations are just getting disrupting.

Which IoT device you came across which have mesmerized you the most?


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