Om Prithvi Home Products, a step towards safe and healthy hair and skin care.

Whenever we talk about skincare products, what is the very first criteria for you to choose any brand? Obviously, no side effects and healthy skin assurance. Well, natural products are the best to keep an assurance for both of them.
Meet Harshitha Priyamvada, founder of Om Prithwi home products, always wanted to prove this statement wrong that a mother can’t be a successful entrepreneur. Om Prithwi manufacture natural products for skincare and hair nourishment. We had a great interview with Mrs. Harshitha about her journey till now. Check out the full interview below.
How will you Introduce Yourself to the world? 
I am Harshitha Priyamvada, founder of Om Prithwi home products. I am a sedulous woman who always likes to follow my dreams to fulfill them and to be a successful entrepreneur ahead in life. 
Tell your readers about your achievements till today (Be Honest) !! 
Within the journey of 25 years, I have achieved only a bit as a writer in the press, an anchor in a TV channel, an employee incorporate, and started my own business. Getting married, becoming a proud mother, and balancing both family and business successfully.
Tell us about your start-up! 
Our start-up is Om Prithwi natural products. We are involved in manufacturing natural products related to skincare and hair nourishment. Our products include Hair Cleanser, Lip Balm, Face powder, Baby Powder, Tooth Powder, Pure Kumkum, Face pack, Body Wash Powder, Hair Oil are our current products. We do not use any chemicals or preservatives while manufacturing them. Our products are completely natural.
“What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen? 
Packaging – This is one of the important aspects which we are trying to improve. We are doing our research, and we are in continuous touch with multiple suppliers. Good packaging attracts more people is what we believe in. 
What’s your take on your segmented/targeted Market? 
Our target market is not specific. We have an overall market share of only 5%, and the best part is that we are growing above this. We are happy with the fact that the Midst of multinational companies, people are happy and satisfied with our products is our pride. 
What are the challenges you have faced, and what are the current challenges? Mention the top three challenges for both. 
Hurdles that came across in our journey – 1) Acquisition of Raw Materials 2) Finding an effective and efficient Shipping Partner 3) Handling a year old kid and managing Business. Our Current Huddles are – 1) Better packaging 2) Lack of time to fulfill current demands 3) Lack of Investment.
Why have you started up? Be specific with your reasons!! 
I started this startup because I always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur, and I wanted to prove this statement wrong that “A Woman cannot achieve anything once she becomes a mother”.
Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years? 
My dream is to see Om Prithwi products in all the organic outlets across India. We want to start our Own Factory and want to provide employment opportunities to women and empower them.
Please share your learning for fellow Entrepreneurs? 
I have learned from my journey that doesn’t you ever lose hope; you should get going in any situation. You should always concentrate on inventing new products. You should always be ready to perform in all directions.
The company is in need of investment to grow and perform better in the market. We wish Harshitha Priyamvada and her team best of luck for future. If you want your interview published on our website too the click on the link below

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