Reviving a failing enterprise and selling globally – Success story of a 22 year old

Things weren’t always as easy as they are now for Kiara. There was a time when she struggled with her business, but she kept trying harder and harder, and eventually, she made her business a success. 
It was a couple of years ago, that things started going downhill for her family’s apparel business. With the increasing competition in the market from the evolving online industries, their sales were taking a setback. A recent graduate in Business Administration, Kiara was well aware of how the market was reshaped to accommodate the growing online businesses. 
Kiara decided it was time they adapted to the changing business environment, and she started educating her father about the benefits of starting an online business. 
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After a lot of time spent convincing her father that getting their business online was indeed a reality now, and they can improve their business with it. Her father, a middle-aged man, set in his ways, wouldn’t budge, but gave his daughter the resources and the support she needed to venture into selling their Cotton apparel online. 
Cotton apparel
This is when Kiara started selling Indian cotton apparells on Amazon. Initially, her products were lost in the tide of products available for sale on the platform from businesses that were older, more established and larger than hers was. But she hung in there, and once she started getting orders, there was no turning back. 
Kiara received orders for her cotton apparells from across the country. From far-away districts from all corners of the country, she hadn’t even heard the names of. She started shipping her orders, and in return, her early customers thanked her for her quick services and good quality products in the reviews section. Over time, Kiara started getting orders from other countries as well. She was surprised to know that there was such a huge demand for Indian Cotton in the foreign markets. 
As her business picked up the pace, she started making huge sales throughout the country as well as outside the country. Today, Kiara Suvarna, a 22 years old graduate, owns and runs an online custom apparel business that successfully operates worldwide. Her father has been there, supporting her all the while though. All his initial apprehensions about online trading have been sorted out through the successful example of his own daughter. 
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“It wasn’t easy. What I had to overcome was not just technological resistance that is natural to our parents’ generation, but the fact that I, being a woman, wanted to join my father in the family business, something that is generally seen as the prerogative of the son and not the daughter. But I have been extremely lucky in the sense that my father believed in me and gave me the space I needed to pursue my business idea and see it through to the end.”, says Kiara Suvarna.
Being a woman entrepreneur is difficult in a society that believes that women to naturally be secondary to men. And this is exactly why women entrepreneurs like Kiara and their success stories is an inspiration to all young women who are brave enough to dream big. 

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