India is a country that excels in every field, but in the 21st century, the talk of each day is the fashion industry. Fashion is defined as styles of clothing as well as other accessories being worn by a different group of people at different times. It includes everything such as apparel, sportswear, footwear, traditional, … Read more

How to Pursue a Career as a Beauty Therapist?

Digital Readiness of businesses post covid 19 world

Beauty treatment is all about making people feel good about themselves along with the best outfit, elegant adornments, floral leather bags, etc. If you can help your friends to get ready for the party with makeup in three hours, if you have the skills to help your mates to set up over-plucked eyebrows or can … Read more

Startup journey of an entrepreneur in Building a Valuable solution

180 Days to Startup #1 With a mission to share the learning of top executives from industry/corporate, here we at Entrepreneur Bus bring you a Startup Journey of Building a Valuable solution by Will Chen. Let’s walk through his journey below, penned by himself:  Check Out: Diary of a first generation entrepreneur ‘Dippankar S Halder’ – Page Two … Read more

Exhaustive List of Startup incubation centre in India

comptia Certification in information technology

Exhaustive List of Startup incubation centre in India Like an infant incubated in mother’s womb for nine months, brain child of an entrepreneur also need incubation. Thus, there are numerous startup incubation centre on, brooding new companies in their early days. 10 Hacks to Bootstrap Your Dream Venture According to Wikipedia, a  startup incubation centre … Read more

Diary of a first generation entrepreneur 'Dippankar S Halder' – Page Two VIRTUE OF FRUGALITY

In Continuation of the series of write-ups, here is second in the series – Entrepreneurial Journey of  first generation entrepreneur Dippankar S Halder (Founder & Chief Executive officer of ALLDOX PTE. LTD.). Check out : Diary of a first generation entrepreneur ‘Dippankar S Halder’ – Page One Stay Frugal, you will never know how far is the shore When … Read more

10 must have Skills you need to develop in your Entrepreneurial Journey

Every Successful Entrepreneurs are great managers also. Managers never means to manage people only, they must know how to manage time, money, people and hurdles coming on their way.   Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish – Steve Jobs The journey of entrepreneurship is never easy – fear of failure is something an entrepreneur must have to … Read more

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