Top ideas to start with minimum investment

Top ideas with minimum investment

Starting a business and being your own boss has become the new cool among everyone. Be it a teenager or 50s someone, we all have been caught up in the entrepreneurship wave. Some get the chance to ride the wave and some just get caught and drown. But everyone wants to be in it.
In the beginning, you need a thought, an idea, before anything else yet trust me it isn’t as quick as it sounds. Running a business is entirely a dynamic process and thinking of the idea is the first step ever but the most important one. An idea can lead you to innovation or towards the advancement of a convention.

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Starting your own business could be one of the best stages of a person’s life, but it is challenging.
Here are some questions an entrepreneur/business person should find the answers for first-

  • What is the idea?
  • How much time are you willing to devote?
  • Why do you want to go with this idea?
  • What are the expectations?
  • And- How are you going to execute?

Executing a thought into business then profit is a never-ending process, and it involves many stages, requires skills and a lot of dedication. If you have possibly figured out the above questions here are few business ideas, you can start with minimum investment-

Health Club

Staying healthy, fit, having an attractive body and stamina can never be out of fashion, especially with the lifestyle of the urban population. Most individuals don’t get time to get up right on time for a morning walk. Health clubs provide an energetic motivational environment alongside the mentor’s guidance according to an individual’s body requirements, and it has been an on demand for a long time.

Fitness center business can be small, mid-cap or big; it totally depends on your budgetary arrangement and your intended interest group. If you don’t have high paying clients, having arrangements for expensive services such as a spa won’t give you a better ROI. It is a service providing industry and planning according to your client’s budget will let you run for long with minimum investment. Gather knowledge about machines and other required aspects. Hire professionals if needed. Providing good service with results is the key to this business.

Online tutor

Is it accurate to say that you were good at the study when you were in school/college? Do you enjoy perusing? Can you teach? If you have even one ‘Yes’ to previously mentioned inquiries, you are a potential online tutor. First of all, having a thorough knowledge of the subject you want to teach is a must. Once you achieve that there are a lot of sites that permit individuals to teach hourly basis and earn. There are few tests you need to take to prove your eligibility if passed online tuition can be fun and a good option for part-time job seekers. There are many subjects you can specialize in and opt to teach. Approaching these websites is easy. All you need a portfolio and you are good to go.


People with writing skills or a will to write has an excellent scope in blogging. If you are someone who has knowledge about things or quick learners with a power of constructive thought process, then blogging is the answer to all your questions. However, it is easy to start, but it can be challenging to sustain. Here are a few pointers you need to begin.

  • Thorough knowledge on a topic
  • The reason; Why do you choose this topic?
  • Information about the market and your competition
  • And a strong will to write

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Once you have all these, you are all set. You can either start with a free domain or a paid one. A paid website will need a few more steps to set up a website. As soon as it is done, find your topic and start writing.

Digital marketing service provider

We are living in the digital world and understanding this domain has become the basic need for all business people but if you have more than basic knowledge about the niche, you can start your own digital marketing service company.
The digital marketing service provider provides help with website and building reputation to business owners. It consists of many sub-domain such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, website building, branding, and ranking, etc. All you need is excellent knowledge on the subject, a portfolio to show your work and clients. There are few certifications available for understanding the tricks and guidelines. Google is the boss in this industry. The more you understand how it works, the more you’ll move forward towards perfection.

Freelance travel consultant

If you are known to be a travel freak in your life and love guiding and talking to people, you can be a freelance travel consultant. A travel consultant understands the requirements of a person and plan itinerary according to the requirements. Knowledge about the places you are planning for is a plus point. Planning is everything in this business.
There are companies who hire consultants part-time on seasons when they receive overbooking requirements. A freelance consultant is a commission based job; Once you close the deal, you get the paycheck.

Home tutor

Most parents these days start working once their kid goes to school. In their busy schedule, a day taker and a home tutor become the need of their life for the kid’s betterment. Sometimes tutors are just needed to help with homework, but few parents also hire tutors so they can help in learning advanced courses and skills to stay ahead in class.
If your audience comprises grown-up children, you can also go for a facility and teach multiple people at once. It all depends on the age group you want to teach. Teachers who take care of kinder-garden children or college students often charge more. Being a teacher is a big responsibility, and if you can deal with the hustle, taking tuition can be an excellent side business.

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Food truck

Opening a food truck requires multiple resources. A food truck owner has to take permission from multiple authorities, not include registration of the franchise. You would need a chef, a delivery person, a server, a person at cash counters and cleaners as front staff. This business requires changes in strategies from time to time as per customer’s demand. Promoters are your closest companions in this industry, converse with them whenever required. Promoting your business online is an economical option. Contact a decent mentor if you can to guide you and advertising individuals who will manage your online presence further. Deliver quality no matter what. Keep in mind, in a business it is imperative to make a base first, and afterward, consider extending your foundations.

Meal services

Meal service business is another plan that is popular particularly within the operating professional’s space. It is not like food truck however work is the same. Here you would like to arrange hygienically home-cooked tasty and healthy food in line with orders and deliver to your customers.
After registration, you need a  team to start with. The core team required to start this business consist of a chef, a delivery person, and a neat & clean place to cook. This business wants heaps of promoting. you’ll print brochures and distribute them in multiple offices, publish banners and posters, provide ads on websites, etc. once promoted all you wish to target the quality of your food. These days with the help of various foods’ delivering app, if managed proper quality, meal services can be the next big thing even when started with a small investment.

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