Y Combinator Demo Day competitions presents an amazing opportunity for startups and investors

The Y Combinator Demo Day is a startup pitching competition held twice a year featuring the latest batch of startups that made it into the Y Combinator accelerator program.
Although it’s called “Demo Day,” the event spans three whole days. The first two days are when the different startups pitch their ideas to a room of about 450 investors and members of the press. The third day is called “Investor Day.” This is where different startups get the opportunity to sit down and speak with interested investors for a few minutes about their business, and even possibly close a funding agreement.
One important thing to note about the Y Combinator Demo Day is that you don’t automatically secure a place the moment you get accepted into their accelerator program. You’ll still need to request an invite, and you’ll need to RSVP that you’ll be attending the event to secure your chance to pitch your startup.

Twice a year, Y Combinator’s latest batch of startups present to an invite-only audience of approximately 1,000 investors and media.

It’s not just about startups. If you are an investor and are interested in investing in YC companies, we invite you to apply to attend the next Demo Day. You may find the desired start-up for your investment in this program.
Invitations are based primarily on your investment history, with special weight to investments in YC companies. We will automatically invite investors who have invested regularly in YC companies. You can also apply to attend.
If you get invited, and you’re not able to attend the event, then you can watch the founders’ presentation videos by RSVP’ing “no” to your invitation. If you aren’t certain whether you’ll receive a Demo Day invitation, please apply for online access here.
So, it is a great chance for startups and investors as well. Try to capitalize on the opportunity at its best. Team Entrepreneur Bus wishes all the startups and investors best of luck and may they find the best match in the competition.
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