Global Startup Competition 2020 – The right place for you to boost your business to the new levels

Have you just launched your company? Is your startup unique with great ideas and solutions? Well, there’s a good news for you. Every start-up is facing many challenges in their journey. In every challenge and event, start-ups, who proved their potential and beat the challenge, become the winners. We believe these start-ups from around the world … Read more

Eventship – Making it easier for the people to handle events

Every successful start-up had different reasons as problems faced by the founder being the major one. The problem created an idea, and eventually, it ended up as a successful business. EventShip is India’s fast-growing e-commerce, and the marketplace platform started with a mission to simplify people’s life by delivering the events’ essentials and services. Meet … Read more

Code Launch 2020 – An amazing opportunity to boost your start-up

Ask any entrepreneur what the foremost challenging thing about launching a start-up is, and most of them are going to tell you an equivalent thing. Indeed, raising the capital, you would like to urge your start-up off the bottom is time-consuming, challenging, and frustrating.   It’s because most of the start-up founders prefer to compete … Read more

Journey of KMY Global-from a growing start-up to one stop solution for financial strategies

An investment strategy is the set of rules or plans to guide your investments in the business to get the best possible results in the future. Some investment strategies are made in such a way that its focus is on rapid growth and maximum revenue generations. In contrast, some investment strategies are made following wealth protection and low-risk policy. … Read more

Italy start-up competition 2020

A great opportunity lies ahead for start-ups to introduce their projects ahead of an outsized audience, comped by the most important players within the sector, experts, and investors. On June 4-6, Italy progressing to host 2020 start-up competition will gather over 500 partners and 150investers, start-up candidates over 2.100, and medimaina from across Italy. The … Read more

Bill Gates will pay you Rs 35 lakh to create this solution for feature phones in India

India is one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world, thus creating a huge ripple in digital payments. There are roughly 50 crore feature phone users in the country, and to enable the entire population to transact digitally, these users cannot be ignored. United Payments Interface (UPI) is claimed to be clocking 100 crore … Read more

Aarohm Energy – Setting the timeline of a new era of artificial intelligence by innovation. 

Heading towards an eco-friendly system is the need of the hour. We read about initiatives almost every day that are trying to shift our world towards a clean environment. Green energy solutions are leading the way through the integration of renewable technologies day by day.   While reading about all the innovations in clean energy, we got … Read more