CFO Case Study Start-up Competition 2020 is here to help your startup grow

The CFO 2020 competition is an annual competition, opened for entry business strategy, case study competition. It’s a Challenge all students around the world to prove themselves that they can compete at the highest level: strategic and ethical problems that beset a real-world global business in the emerging markets.CFO competition organized by The CharterQuest Institute in South Africa.
The objective of The CFO (Junior) Competition is to embed the startups early in their development, the attributes of logical and critical thinking as well as the research, public speaking, team collaboration, entrepreneurial, competitive and problem-solving skills that are vital to their success at higher education and subsequent career journey.
It is the premier and much-anticipated annual continental event that brings together students, entry-level professionals, high schools, universities, professional bodies, country representatives, education policymakers, and big business for one purpose: to inspire the next generation entrepreneur.
All Aspirants, partners, and associates of The CFO case study competition and its related contests, are inter-alia bound by the spirit and rules covered in the following sections of the Competition Rules:

  • Section 1: About the competitions
  • Section 2: Participant, team eligibility and registration
  • Section 3: Communication
  • Section 4: Competition format & stages
  • Section 5: Penalties and non-compliance
  • Section 6: Intellectual property
  • Section 7: Consent and release
  • Section 8: Disclaimers
  • Section 9: Official prize, prize transfer or substitution
  • Section 10: Applicable laws and jurisdiction
  • Section 11: Adjudication and outcomes

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Case competitions are now the norm in Asia and the West, widely used by schools/universities to assess the global competitiveness of their graduates.

  1. Compete against other top-ranked schools/universities and benchmark your quality against the very best nationally/globally;
  2. Bring the national and international spotlight on the quality of your teaching and graduates; 
  3. Attract the finest students to enroll with and/or further their studies with your School/University;
  4. Position your brand as a leader in education and increase the probability of forming new and critical partnerships; and
  5. Challenge your students to function as a team of executives working on a real-world management scenario and showcasing their leadership skills
The objective is to prepare the next generation of CFOs & Global Business Leaders by advocating deeper incorporation of the Integrated Case Method into the curriculum; highlight the centrality of entrepreneurial and business acumen, teamwork, analytical, critical, creative as well as strategic thinking in honing their applied problem-solving skills in a multinational context.
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