6 Companies that have revamped the marketing business

Companies who revamped Marketing Business

The average marketing industry in India has seen a huge growth in the recent past and the reason for the same has to be technological advancements, recruitment of new talent and innovative ideas, bringing something new to the table each time. Have a look at our list of the best in the trade according to us. If you’re looking to entrust the care of your project to a reliable marketing, branding or advertising expert, read on to find some useful names in the business.

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Ogilvy and Mather Limited

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One of the best marketing agencies in the country has its head office in Manhattan and runs in as many as 120 countries with 450 branches. In India, the executive chairman Mr. Piyush Pandey heads the company and they deal with a huge clientele from different parts of the world. Working with some of the top brands such as Google, it has carved its niche in the market as a global leader of the trade. The team is seasoned with years of experience and brings new ideas and traditional techniques to use.

Mudra communications PVT limited

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One of the country’s leading communications, advertising and brand management companies is lead by the CEO and MD Mr. Madhukar Kamath. They work with the big guns in the industry such as McDonald’s, Rasna and Godrej besides others. With distinctive creative skills, an enthusiastic team that wants to better themselves each time, they work to ace their clients’ various needs.


DM Linked

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Another front-runner in the league of advertisement and marketing agencies in the country, DM Linked has seen leaps and bounds of growth and success since its inception. Working with the most reputed and prestigious clients such as FINAIR, Avery and MAERSK besides others; it has proven its mettle as one of the most intelligent and hardworking teams in the country. A fleet of qualified and experienced professionals work ceaselessly to meet the varied requirements of the clients. From print media, web content to branding and marketing, they are ready to serve you with custom-made solutions according to your set of requirements.

FCB advertising

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Having merged with Draft Worldwide in the year 2006, this firm is undoubtedly one of the best in the country at the minute. It has won accolades over the years for serving clients with crisp and clear solutions for their diverse advertising, marketing and branding requirements. They run successful campaigns with some of the biggest clients in the world making them one of the leading advertising and marketing providers.

Group M

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With its headquarters in New York City, Group M is one of the leading advertisement and marketing agencies in the country. With different areas of expertise such as Digital Media, Media planning, Sponsorship, Consumer Research and so on, Group M is one of the most trust-worthy brands when it comes to taking your product or services global.

Havas Worldwide

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Earlier known as Euro RSCG, this is of the hugest integrated marketing and communication agencies in the world. With offices across the world and a head office in New York it is one of the most well connected firms with some of the biggest clients such as IBM, Air France, Lacoste, Unilever etc.

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