Key Aspects of Women Entrepreneurship

Sweetness flows through her appearance, and their beauty makes everyone awestruck at times. Whether she is a mother, sister, daughter, or a partner, she has created her presence everywhere since the development of human civilization. 
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But, due to the lack of much sensibility & maturity in our society, they were much suppressed earlier. In that situation, entrepreneurship was not less than a dream for our ladies. Fortunately, we can say gone the days when cruelty was dominating our women all around, and now various steps are taken forward to empower them.

Have you ever heard about Kalpana Saroj? The probability of getting a positive response is very minimal. This is not something unusual, but pretty normal as Women Entrepreneurship is not a common word even in today’s corporate world yet.
Coming back to Kalpana Saroj, she is probably the first woman entrepreneur in post-independent India. Starting her career by working in a garment company, Kalpana Saroj achieved many milestones, including owning a tailoring and furniture business, producing a movie, getting Padmashree award in 2013, between her journey to success. As of now, she is the owner of Kamani Tubes and is known for her entrepreneurial skills. She is one of the biggest motivations for all women who want to be an entrepreneur in the future.
Women face a lot of problems and struggle on a journey to become an entrepreneur. One of the major problems is balancing business and family life. It gets hard to manage both, and most of the females struggle to balance both. However, female entrepreneurs have overcome this problem by going for different ways to give appropriate time to their start-up. According to Start-up Nation, Women are more likely than men to put in a “second shift” at night, and therefore almost 78 percent of female entrepreneur thinks that they have achieved a work-life balance.
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According to Inc., 48 percent of the female entrepreneur thinks that strong support is necessary for greater growth and success. Lack of support is a major problem too. Apart from these, female founders also go through hurdles like fear of failing, less funding, low risk-taking ability, etc. But we know, the world is upgrading, so are the female entrepreneurs. They are dealing with all these problems with a unique solution and are determined to go higher. Not able to believe this? This stat might surprise you that between 1997 and 2017, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 114%.
Reasons why female choose entrepreneurship
We talked about work-life balance as a major problem for female entrepreneurs, but surprisingly that is one of the major reasons why females opt for entrepreneurship. According to Thrive Global, in America, 55 percent of the female founders opted for entrepreneurship to make a work-life balance.
Having their own business gives females control over their future. Once they start their own business, it is all about them and their decisions for their business. The start-up helps to make them follow their passion and shape their future in any way they want.
Entrepreneurship gives a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs to show their leadership skills, which are said to be better than male entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur, it helps females to avoid the overall discrimination in corporate life as the men are still dominating the corporate world.
Organizations promoting women entrepreneurship
Finding a good support system is a problem for female founders. So who is going to support them in their journey? Don’t need to worry about that because there are organizations that are willing to help all the female entrepreneurs and are already working to empower them.
Here’s a list of organizations who are helping women entrepreneurs

  1. The Women’s conference
  2. Count Me In
  3. The Boss Network
  4. Astia
  5. WIPP [Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc]
  6. NAWBO [National Association of Women Business Owners]
  7. Savor the success

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All these organizations will help all women empower and get the necessary support to build up their business.

Top Indian Women Entrepreneurs
You may know about the big names in the industry, including all the males, but you may not know about the big names of women entrepreneurs, who changed the point of view of many people. Female founders who successfully achieved everything they wanted and are motivating others to do the same.
They broke the stereotype and proved to everyone that females can give a good fight to all the male entrepreneurs and can even beat them. Let’s list out the top 10 women entrepreneurs who are an inspiration to everyone-

  1. Aditi Gupta (Menstrupedia)
  2. Anisha Singh (
  3. Shradha Sharma (Yourstory)
  4. Upasana Taku (Mobikwik)
  5. Neeru Sharma (Infibeam)
  6. Malika Sadani (The
  7. Ruchi Garg (Venuelook)
  8. Ankita Gaba (Social samosa)
  9. Ashwini Asokan (Mad street den)
  10. Akanksha Anshu (

Future of female entrepreneurship
Well, we think the title of this aspect should be changed because it shouldn’t be the future of female entrepreneurship, it should rather be “female entrepreneurship is the future.” Yes, you heard it right. Female entrepreneurs have great potential to take economic growth to new levels in the future. Studies have shown that businesses run by females perform better than run by males.
According to Thrive Global, in the US, female-owned businesses have an economic impact of 3 trillion dollars. We expect, soon Indian women entrepreneurs will have a major role in the development of the economy. Until female entrepreneurs like Aditi Gupta and Shradha Singh are there in the ecosystem, they will keep inspiring budding entrepreneurs to mark an impact in society. 

We at Entrepreneur Bus also, support & promote women entrepreneurship in every manner. If you are into entrepreneurship or a wannabe and want any kind of support from the start-up ecosystem, reach us.

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