Submit Solutions to combat Covid19 – Startup India Initiative

As the world is currently looking at a serious healthcare challenge caused by the pandemic Covid-19, DPIIT with Startup India is scouting for innovative technologies and solutions for precautionary as well as treatment-related interventions.  The Government of India task force is actively scouting for Innovative, Preventive, Assistive, Curative Startup covid19 deployable/scalable solutions within the next 1-3 and … Read more – Bridging the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and established entrepreneurs through podcasting

There are a large number of entrepreneurs who have a dream to achieve big success milestones in the future but due to lack of experience, it gets hard for them to find ways to grow in the market. Mr. Akshay Datt stepped up to solve this problem. Mr. Akshay Datt is the founder of ThePodium, … Read more

Startup Stories- Introducing Tres'chic Academe, Empowering Women From All Walks Of Life

One more addition to our startup stories is Tres’chic Academe , a premium etiquette & image consultancy company, that contours and customizes topics of training based on individual requirements. Their programs help one maximize potential by helping overcome perceived shortcomings, thereby instilling confidence and increasing the rate of success.   Tres’chic Academe professionals and experts … Read more

Startup Competition- Participate in one of the largest startup competitions in Asia

Start-up wheel competition 2020 Startup Wheel is a 6-month startup competition, run from March to August annually for startups and young entrepreneurs all around the world. First launched by Business Startup Support Centre (BSSC) and Young Business People Association (YBA), Startup Wheel is now the largest and most prestigious annual startup competition in Vietnam for … Read more

Participate in Hello Tomorrow Start-up Competition to win 100K euros

‘Hello tomorrow’ is a global startup competition open to two-year-old startups that have raised not more than 250,000 euros. A total of 75 startups will initially be selected to compete with each other from the following industries: Data & AI, Energy Transition, Environment, Food & Agriculture, Wellbeing, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, New Materials, Mobility, and Aerospace. … Read more

Pitch your start-up at Flash Pitch Competition for the best exposure

Flash Pitch, an event series that brings together a diverse group of founders, investors and entrepreneurs together to watch startups pitch their ventures. Each company is given 2 minutes to pitch, followed by 3 minutes of Q&A and 3 minutes of feedback with the investors. We have seen that this method keeps founders concise and … Read more

Cymatic – Creating an impact in Education Sector by providing Best Online Tutor for better future of students.

Education system has always been questioned in many countries by their citizens. Lack of facilities, lack of opportunities to study, and not getting practical and ready to implement education are one of the things they lack. People with low-quality education have a hard time adjusting with the high paced world. They are not able to … Read more

Key Aspects of Women Entrepreneurship

Sweetness flows through her appearance, and their beauty makes everyone awestruck at times. Whether she is a mother, sister, daughter, or a partner, she has created her presence everywhere since the development of human civilization.  Also Read: You can win $100K for your start-up at MIT @100K Entrepreneurship Competition. Check How? But, due to the … Read more

Quest Global Technologies- Helping in streamlining organization's digitization, upgradation and modernization efforts.

Every startup needs support to grow in the market. This is because of the lack of experience and greater competition in the market. Meet Romil Jain, the co-founder of Quest Global Technologies. They aim towards simplifying their business operations and acquire a greater degree of functionality and cost efficiencies. We had an amazing interview with … Read more

You can win $100K for your start-up at MIT @100K Entrepreneurship Competition. Everything you need to know about the event

WHAT IS THE MIT $100K? One competition – three independent contests – from October to May. Now in its 31st year, the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition has brought together students and researchers from across MIT and Greater Boston to launch their talent, ideas, and technology into leading companies.  The competition runs as series of distinct, … Read more

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